Can You Hear Me Now?  

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In this age modern technology, more and more gadgets are being created to occupy our time. Need to waste time...there's an app for that.

Seriously, we are constantly being bombarded by attacks from WMD's Weapons of Mass Distraction. Now more than ever it is of most importance to have some time set aside where you turn off all the noise and listen to what God has to say.

Today's Challenge: Spend some quiet time with the Father. Tune everything else out, and listen for that soft still voice of the Holy Spirit.

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Why You Runnin?  

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Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near. Let the wicked forsake his way and the evil man his thoughts.
Let him turn to the LORD, and he will have mercy on him,
and to our God, for he will freely pardon. -Isaiah 55:6-7
  There is an old saying, "You can run but you can't hide!"

I am often amused when I look at how most of us respond to God's call... we run! We either pull the I'm not worthy bit or we start stu-ttt-tt-ttteeerrring like Moses did or then there is the I'm too young excuse also.

Honor and enjoy your Creator while you're still young,
   Before the years take their toll and your vigor wanes,
   Before your vision dims and the world blurs
   And the winter years keep you close to the fire.
  -Ecc 12:1-2

Many of us prolong answering the call opting instead to squander our youth on our own pursuits and then when we think we have had enough we will decide to give God a chance.

My question for you today is "Why You Runnin?" Are you scared? Or are you just selfish. The psalmist reminded us that we should acknowledge God while we are still young and in our prime and I want to encourage you to do just that!

Today's Challenge: Stop Running! Whatever it is you think you are looking for is nothing compared to what He has in store for stop runnin from Him and start runnin FOR Him!


Da Scribe

This is the Official Video for the Song "Y U Runnin" By Grammy Nominated, Holy Hip Hop Artist Xross, off of his new album Tell Em' Tha Truth available on Itunes, and in stores now.

Directed, Edited, VFX: Adam J Dunn

Get Ya Hustle On!  

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Work hard at whatever you do. You will soon go to the world of the dead, where no one works or thinks or reasons or knows anything. Ecc 9:10

I kinda like the King James version of that verse best, it reads whatever thy hands find to do, do it it with all thy might! Sounds like a Noble declaration doesn't it? Well it is. In modern day language it would read "Get ya hustle on and stay on the grind cause it will be over before ya know it and then it will be too late!

This phase of our lives here on the earth is a one shot deal...there will be no do overs. So the message is to make the most of this short amount of time we have been given and do our very best. Sometimes when I read the Gospels and look at the life of Jesus Christ it puts me to shame, He turned the World upside down in 3 short's that for a "purpose driven life!" Jesus Himself told us to redeem or make good use of our time because the days are's time out for playing, and remember there is no such thing as "Honorable Mention" in Heaven. So stop playing and Get On Yo Kingdom Grind!

Today's Challenge:  If today was your last day on earth, would you be confident that you have done all that you have been placed here to do?  Treat today and everyday hereafter as if there are only a limited amount of them available, and don't put off for tomorrow the things that you could do today.  It's time to live with both Passion & Purpose...Let's Go!

Urban D. "Hustle" feat . Spec & Jabo - Album "Un.orthodox" - Zondervan/EMI -

Are U Ready To Go?  

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"God's kingdom is like ten young virgins who took oil lamps and went out to greet the bridegroom. Five were silly and five were smart. The silly virgins took lamps, but no extra oil. The smart virgins took jars of oil to feed their lamps. The bridegroom didn't show up when they expected him, and they all fell asleep.
 "In the middle of the night someone yelled out, 'He's here! The bridegroom's here! Go out and greet him!'
 "The ten virgins got up and got their lamps ready. The silly virgins said to the smart ones, 'Our lamps are going out; lend us some of your oil.'
 "They answered, 'There might not be enough to go around; go buy your own.'
 "They did, but while they were out buying oil, the bridegroom arrived. When everyone who was there to greet him had gone into the wedding feast, the door was locked.
 "Much later, the other virgins, the silly ones, showed up and knocked on the door, saying, 'Master, we're here. Let us in.'
 "He answered, 'Do I know you? I don't think I know you.'
 "So stay alert. You have no idea when he might arrive.
Matthew 25:1-13

  There is a message in there fam, I pray that you caught it.  Scripture tells us that Jesus return is going to be equal to that like a thief in the night...unexpected and quick.  We have a lot of things going on these days...and there are plenty of things to keep us busy and distracted from being ready when Jesus returns.  Make no mistake fam, there is no amount of religious duty that substitutes "Knowing Him" 
  I know we spend a lot of time debating over non-essentials, but the truth is that it all boils down to each of us individual establishing a "personal" relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ and being led and taught by The Holy Spirit.  Our function is to be discipled and then disciple Know Him and to make Him known to the rest of the World.  Don't get caught unprepared.  I'm sure some of you have seen the bumper sticker before it says; "Jesus is coming...Look Busy!"  Well He is Coming, so don't just look busy, be busy about the business of cultivating your relationship with Jesus Christ, and helping lead others toward doing the same.

Today's Challenge:  It's simple, BLINK!  Really I want you to blink your eyes.  How fast was that?  Now BLINK again, only this time I want you to try and say Lord Forgive me before the BLINK is over.  Can't do it can ya!  That's how fast His return is gonna be, don't make the dummy move thinking that you are gonna wait until the last minute to get things right...Now is the appointed time.  Make things right today and then get busy working on that relationship today. 

 If you need help with that Holla @me!   Let's Get Ready To Go Fam!

J.A.Z. feat J. Johnson - Ready 2 Go

Go Hard...Or Go Home!!  

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Love God, your God, with your whole heart: love him with all that's in you, love him with all you've got!
-Deuteronomy 6:5

Love The Lord with everything you have in you! Modern Day Translation GO HARD!!!!!

Today's Challenge: It's All Out or Fall Out Time Homies and  Homettes! No more trying to "love" God and still be cool with the things He hates! Either Love Him...or Leave Him Alone! Can You Dig It?!!

LECRAE:: GO HARD from Adamson.TV on Vimeo.
Music Video for Lecrae's track "Go Hard" with Tedashii. We shot this in Queens, NY during their show at Christ Tabernacle.

Produced by:
Director: Kevin Adamson
Director of Photography: Steve Saxon
Camera: Steve Saxon, Kevin Adamson
Editor(s): John Schroter, Joey Walston
Color Treatment: John Schroter, Joey Walston

Lord Make Me Over!  

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Generous in love—God, 
give grace! Huge in mercy—wipe out my bad record.
   Scrub away my guilt,
      soak out my sins in your laundry.
   I know how bad I've been;
      my sins are staring me down.

 You're the One I've violated, and you've seen
      it all, seen the full extent of my evil.
   You have all the facts before you;
      whatever you decide about me is fair.
   I've been out of step with you for a long time,
      in the wrong since before I was born.
   What you're after is truth from the inside out.
      Enter me, then; conceive a new, true life.

  Soak me in your laundry and I'll come out clean,
      scrub me and I'll have a snow-white life.
   Tune me in to foot-tapping songs,
      set these once-broken bones to dancing.
   Don't look too close for blemishes,
      give me a clean bill of health.
   God, make a fresh start in me,
      shape a Genesis week from the chaos of my life.
   Don't throw me out with the trash,
      or fail to breathe holiness in me.
   Bring me back from gray exile,
      put a fresh wind in my sails!
   Give me a job teaching rebels your ways
      so the lost can find their way home.
   Commute my death sentence, God, my salvation God,
      and I'll sing anthems to your life-giving ways.
   Unbutton my lips, dear God;
      I'll let loose with your praise.

  Going through the motions doesn't please you,
      a flawless performance is nothing to you.
   I learned God-worship
      when my pride was shattered.
   Heart-shattered lives ready for love
      don't for a moment escape God's notice.

  Make Zion the place you delight in,
      repair Jerusalem's broken-down walls.
   Then you'll get real worship from us,
      acts of worship small and large,
   Including all the bulls
      they can heave onto your altar! 

-Psalm 51

   At one point or another we find ourselves at a point where we need a serious make-over!  I'm not talking about a cosmetic fix up.  Nope, I'm talkin something more serious.  There are some things that are so wrong with us that lipstick, fancy clothes or expensive Nip Tuck's won't even come close to fixing.  We need a Spiritual makeover.  We need to come to apoint where we do just like David did, admit that we are jacked up and then appeal to the God of Mercies to renew, deliver and restore us.

  When He shows up to do so, we need to stay still and let Him do what He does best.  I won't lie to's probably gonna be very uncomfortable.  In fact I will go as far as to say it just might hurt...but don't be discouraged and don't give up, because after the makeover is done...even you won't recognize yourself! 

Today's Challenge:  It's time to check in for your makeover.  Stop tryin to fix things yourself, all you do is make a bigger mess of things!  Turn it over to the surgeon and let Him chisel all that old junk away.  Ya Heard!

I Aint Skeered!!!  

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Hey Family,

How's life treatin ya? I hope that each and every one of you is walking on God's Grace and Favor.

I'm not in the office today, but I still wanted to post a few lines to encourage you today.

I was just thinking about the homie Lazarus, you know that cat that Jesus called back to life. I was just wondering what his life was like after being revived...I mean, he had seen it all...he had even experienced death...but more importantly he had experienced the Greatness of God through His Son Jesus Christ.

So tell me, how do you scare a man like that? I mean he has seen it all and as far as death was concerned he knew firsthand that it had no power over him.

So what does that have to do with you and I? EVERYTHING! Through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit we can experience that same life giving power. We have absolutely nothing to fear, when we place our complete trust in God.

We have nothin to be skeered of at all...not even death.

Today's Challenge: Trust God completely! If you are experiencing fear, then you need to build up your faith! Think of all the things that God has brought you through, celebrate them and trust that He is able to bring you through anything you have to face. Remember, if God I'd for you...who can be against ya!!

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